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February 28, 2024

13 Gluten Free Easter Supermarket Products 2024

Easter is a time deeply intertwined with the joy of hot cross buns, chocolate, and more chocolate. But for those who must follow a strict gluten free diet, finding the right treats takes a bit more effort.

The good news is most chocolate products are gluten free by ingredient. However, as anyone on a gluten free journey knows, the devil is in the details – or more accurately, in flavourings, additives or new textures where gluten commonly hides.

For the gluten free, or those shopping for them, a handy tip is to remember BROW – barley, rye, oats, and wheat. These are ingredients to steer clear of. And, it goes without saying, but chocolates with cookie bits, biscuit chunks, or wafer centres are off-limits unless they’re clearly labelled gluten free.

Thankfully, the Easter Bunny has the gluten free crowd covered. We’ve put together a list to ease your quest down the supermarket aisle to find the best gluten free Easter treats for 2024. While not a complete list, it’s a hand-picked selection of the standout items we’ve found, all widely available across Australia.

But before we dive into these gluten free treats, it’s important to understand these key terms:

  1. Declared Gluten Free: These treats have undergone testing and meet strict gluten free standards. Manufacturers confidently label them “gluten free,” ensuring you can trust these treats to be safe for those with gluten sensitivities without having to delve into the details of all the ingredients.

  2. Gluten Free by Ingredient: Some treats are inherently gluten free, as their ingredients do not include gluten sources like wheat, barley, or rye. These products may have a ‘may contain’ statement, which indicates the possible, unintended presence of cross-contamination. Keep in mind this ‘may contain’ statements is voluntary, so it’s important to check labels. 

The choice to consume these products depends on your personal comfort level with cross-contamination risk. If you’re uncertain about what’s right for you, consulting a dietitian who specialises in gluten free diets can be invaluable.

The Gluten Free Easter Treat List

1. Coles 'I’m Free From' — Hot Cross Buns

Declared gluten free.

Available in both fruit and chocolate chip versions, Coles’ gluten free hot cross buns might look a bit different from what you’re used to, more English muffin-like, but there’s Easter in every bite. They’re best served toasted as it helps improve the texture and makes for a warm, cosy treat. Bonus, they are dairy free too!

2. Woolworths 'Free From Gluten' — Hot Cross Buns

Declared gluten free.

Offering fruit and chocolate versions loaded with real chocolate chips, Woolworths’ gluten free hot cross buns more so resemble traditional hot cross buns, providing a great alternative without compromising on the classic look. The chocolate buns, when served warm, allow the chips to melt, creating a decadent treat for those with a sweet tooth, while the fruit version is packed with fruit, ideal with a generous smear of butter.

3. Kinder Surprise — Maxi Easter Egg

Gluten free by ingredient, with no ‘may contain’ statement.

Remember the excitement of a Kinder Surprise? Multiply that by Easter and you’ve got the Kinder Surprise Maxi Egg. This oversized version packs even more of the irresistible combination of milk chocolate and creamy filling we all love, and the toy inside feels like hitting the jackpot. Whether you’re team Justice League or Disney Princess, it’s a win-win.

4. Health Lab — Low Sugar Naturally Mylk Chocolate Mini Hunting Eggs & Caramel Filled Half Eggs

Declared gluten free.

Health Lab are the go-to for gluten free, low sugar, and plant-based snacks, and their limited-edition Easter options are no exception. The individually wrapped mini eggs are perfect for a gluten free Easter morning hunt, while the gooey caramel-filled eggs provide a luxurious indulgence. They’re a bit on the pricey side, but hey, it’s Easter, and a little splurge can be our little secret.

5. Nomo — Caramel Egg & Bar

Declared gluten free.

Nomo’s more than just about saying no to gluten, dairy, eggs, and nuts; they’re all about embracing and enabling those with dietary restrictions to indulge in chocolate without hesitation. With flavours like caramel sea salt and cookie dough in their Easter eggs and bunnies, Nomo offers treats as delicious as they sound, ensuring Easter fun is accessible without any gluten worries.

6. Cadbury — Marshmallow Eggs

Gluten free by ingredient, with gluten not stated in the ‘may contain’ statement.

No Easter is complete without the classic marshmallow egg. Some marshmallow brands are known to have hidden gluten, but lucky for us, these Cadbury Marshmallow Eggs are gluten free! They’re simply pure, fluffy joy wrapped in chocolate, available both individually and in multipacks for those who can’t stop at just one!

7. Cadbury — Dairy Milk Mini Eggs

Gluten free by ingredient, with gluten not stated in the ‘may contain’ statement.

Cadbury has truly out done themselves this year, offering an impressive array of mini chocolate egg flavours we love. For those seeking gluten free by ingredient options, look out for Dairy Milk, Caramello, Strawberry, Turkish Delight, Caramilk, Peppermint, Crème Egg Minis, and Dream.

Note: Please check each pack carefully as there are some variants, such as Oreo Mini Eggs, that are not gluten free. Another word of caution, be aware the same flavours but in different sizes can have different ingredients, for example, Crème Egg Minis are gluten free, but the larger versions are not. So always double check!

8. Cadbury — Dairy Milk Bunny

Gluten free by ingredient, with gluten not stated in the ‘may contain’ statement.

Easter just wouldn’t be complete without the iconic chocolate bunny. Cadbury offers the classic version made from their signature milk chocolate, but we also spotted a version filled with micro mini eggs for a fun surprise inside.

9. Cadbury — Dairy Milk Gift Box

Gluten free by ingredient, with gluten not stated in the ‘may contain’ statement.

These Cadbury Easter eggs come with an exciting twist – each gift box is filled with a large hollow Easter egg, which is then gloriously filled with mini eggs. Choose from these beloved flavours, Dairy Milk, Caramello, Crème Egg Minis, and Cherry Ripe, for a rich and festive Easter treat.

Note: Always check each pack carefully as variants in flavours or sizes may not be gluten free.

10. Ferrero Rocher — Milk Chocolate and Hazelnuts Shell and Hollow Squirrel

Gluten free by ingredient, with no ‘may contain’ statement.

Easter feels a bit more luxurious with Ferrero Rocher around. There’s something about peeling back that gold wrapper to find the perfect blend of milk chocolate and hazelnut that just feels special. These chocolates will sure bring Easter cheer, and thankfully for those living gluten free. Plus, due to their luxury feel, they make the perfect kind of gift that says, “I’m thinking of you this Easter” in the best possible way.

11. Cadbury — Dairy Milk Hunting Eggs

Gluten free by ingredient, with gluten not stated in the ‘may contain’ statement.

For the ultimate gluten Easter egg hunt, hide these throughout your garden or home and watch the excitement unfold. Eager hunters can search out the bright, colourful foils and try not to get distracted by the milk chocolate and disrupt their hunt.

12. Cadbury — Dairy Milk Humpty Dumpty Eggs

Gluten free by ingredient, with gluten not stated in the ‘may contain’ statement.

There’s a bit of fun waiting inside every Cadbury Humpty Dumpty Egg. Crack one open to find mini candy-coated chocolates – it’s like an extra little Easter hunt right there in your hand. Perfect for adding a playful touch to your Easter, or just for enjoying a sweet moment.

13. Cadbury — Dairy Milk Hollow Egg

Gluten free by ingredient, with gluten not stated in the ‘may contain’ statement.

The Cadbury Dairy Milk Hollow Egg is pretty much what Easter tastes like to us. Simple, classic, and just plain good chocolate. It’s the kind of treat that doesn’t need bells and whistles to be enjoyed. Share it, gift it, or keep it all to yourself – it’s Easter in a shell.

The GluteGuard team was genuinely impressed by the wide range of gluten free options available on Australian shelves this Easter. It’s really the little things that make holidays like these feel extra special for those who need to live gluten free, without the added worry.

So, go ahead and enjoy Easter with all the gluten free goodies you can find. And if we haven’t mentioned your favourite gluten free Easter treat, we’d love to hear about it! Drop a comment on our social media post and help another gluten free friend this Easter.

And for all the Easter feasting and trying new gluten free treats, remember GluteGuard is always here to help add an extra layer of protection* — from entrée to dessert.

Happy Easter!

*GluteGuard helps protect those with medically diagnosed gluten sensitivity from symptoms of accidental gluten ingestion. Always read the label and follow the directions for use. For use in conjunction with a gluten free diet.

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