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April 26, 2024

Easy DIY Gluten Free Gift Hamper for Mother’s Day

Are you scrambling to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift hamper that’s gluten free?

Well, creating a personalised DIY gift basket filled with gluten free goodies from your local Coles, Woolworths, or any nearby supermarket is not only easy but also shows your love in a heartfelt way – without any gluten surprises.

This guide will show you how to assemble a charming gluten free gift basket that has everything your mum loves, even with less than 2 hours notice. We’ve selected a wide range of products from trusted brands available across Australia, all either certified gluten free or gluten free by ingredient. Use these recommended products to confidently put together a memorable gift without hidden gluten, or as a foundation to customise your own gluten free hamper—just remember to double check the labels!

Offering the perfect mix of convenience and luxury, this gluten free gift hamper is exactly what your mum deserves for her special day.

What to Put in Your Gluten Free Gift Hamper

1. Coffee – Industry Beans Coffee Concentrate

Gluten free by ingredient.

Start your mum’s day with a boost from Industry Beans Coffee Concentrate, sourced from the award-winning specialty coffee roaster with cafes in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

This premium coffee concentrate lets mum savour the taste of café-quality brews right in her kitchen, ideal for a quick morning iced coffee or a rich espresso martini at night. It’s the pick-me-up she deserves, especially on a busy day of gluten free label checking and snack prepping!

2. Tea – T2 Tummy Tea and Relax Tea

Gluten free by ingredient.

Expand mum’s tea collection with T2’s calming blends like Relax and Tummy Tea. Each cup offers a soothing escape, perfect for simply unwinding after a long day or helping provide comfort to a troubled gluten-sensitive stomach.

Blending natural ingredients with thoughtful flavours, it’s basically a warm, comforting hug in a mug anytime she needs to steal a moment of peace.

3. Bubbly Beverage – DASH Sparkling Water

Gluten free by ingredient.

Add some sparkle to your mum’s gluten free lifestyle with DASH Sparkling Water. More than just sparkling water, these zero-calorie, naturally flavoured cans are far from ordinary and perfect for creating fun, gluten free cocktails or mocktails, or just sipping on their own. Refreshing and versatile, they’re an essential for any celebration, especially Mother’s Day.

4. Gluten Free Granola – Byron Bay Macadamia Muesli Gluten Free

Declared gluten free.

Wake up mum’s taste buds with Byron Bay Macadamia Muesli, a delicious and gluten free option that starts her day right. This award-winning mix is packed with nutritious ingredients, and versatile enough for a quick snack or as part of a hearty breakfast.

Just remember, not all options from this brand are gluten free, so choose this specific mix to keep her Mother’s Day hamper completely gluten free!

5. Infused Oil – Cobram Estate Chilli Infused & Garlic and Onion Infused

Gluten free by ingredient.

Who doesn’t love a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, especially when it’s flavour-infused? Cobram Estate infused oils will elevate the taste of mum’s gluten free dishes, making any meal, from breakfast to dinner, brighter and zingier. It’s a simple way to add spice to the everyday without gluten worries.

6. Sweet Snack – Frisp Strawberry Crisps

Declared gluten free.

Sweeten mum’s snack time with something as delightful as these 100% real fruit Strawberry Crisps from Frisp.

They’re the perfect gluten free topping for ice cream, frozen yogurt, or to add a special touch to cakes, muffins, and smoothies, making her gluten free Mother’s Day celebrations just that bit fancier.

7. Savoury Snack – Mount Zero Mixed Olives

Gluten free by ingredient.

Give mum a taste of gourmet with Mount Zero Mixed Olives, sourced from the cool climates of Tasmania and South Australia. These aren’t just any olives—they come seasoned with a unique blend of pepper and rosemary, elevating them beyond your average snack.

They’re absolutely perfect for pulling together a gluten free charcuterie board made just for mum, or as a simple joy that makes snack time feel like a special occasion.

8. Chocolate Covered Nuts – Harvest Box Dipped Dark Chocolate Almonds

Declared gluten free.

Keep mum energised with Harvest Box Dipped Dark Chocolate Almonds. These tasty morsels combine the satisfying crunch of almonds with a luxurious dark chocolate coating, providing a delicious energy boost. They’re the perfect treat for a busy lifestyle, offering a nutritious and indulgent snack that’s completely gluten free.

9. Chocolate – Wallaby Thins Dark Chocolate Snack

Declared gluten free.

For a softer, more indulgent almond experience, try Wallaby Thins. These delicate slices of dark chocolate, paired with roasted almonds, provide a satisfying crunch that elevates any moment. Ideal for a cosy movie night or as a luxurious treat during a busy day, they bring a touch of elegance to everyday snacks.

10. More Chocolate – Bennetto Chocolate

Declared gluten free.

And when it comes to chocolate, the more, the merrier! Bennetto’s range of chocolates, including delicious gluten free flavours like Salted Caramel and Mint & Cocoa Nibs, brings additional variety to your gift.

These chocolates are not only mouthwatering but also ethically produced, meeting organic, Fairtrade, and B Corp standards for a guilt-free indulgence that supports her gluten free lifestyle.

11. Caramel – Millicent Grove Caramel Fudge

Declared gluten free.

If not chocolate, offer mum the creamy and comforting taste of Millicent Grove Caramel Fudge. This rich fudge brings a sweet gluten free treat into her life, perfect for mums who appreciate a touch of old-fashioned luxury in their confections, making it a special addition to her day.

12. Hand cream – Beach Road Naturals Hand Cream

Treat her hands to some extra care with Beach Road Naturals’ Coconut and Lime Hand Cream. It’s rich, it’s nourishing, and it smells like a tropical vacation. Perfect for keeping her hands soft and hydrated, this hand cream is a simple pleasure that fits easily into her daily routine, enhancing her gluten free lifestyle without any fuss.

13. Candle – Scentory Artisan Vanilla & Caramel

Set the mood for relaxation with a Scentory candle. After a long day, its gentle vanilla and caramel fragrance is just what she needs to unwind. It’s a small but meaningful way to help her relax and feel pampered at home.

13. Flowers – Potted Orchid

Nothing says ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ quite like flowers, especially orchids. Easy to find in local supermarkets, orchids are low maintenance, require minimal attention and care, making them an ideal choice for mums whether they have a green thumb or are new to flower care. What’s even better is that they’re a simple pleasure that doesn’t require a gluten free label check.

Though it might seem like just a collection of supermarket products, this gluten free gift hamper is a thoughtful gesture that shows you care about your mum’s happiness and well-being. Easily assembled with this guide, your personalised DIY gluten free gift basket will make her day truly special—it may even win you favourite child status!

And for all the gluten free feasting during Mother’s Day celebrations, remember GluteGuard is always here to help add an extra layer of protection* against hidden gluten — from entrée to dessert.

*GluteGuard helps protect those with medically diagnosed gluten sensitivity from symptoms of accidental gluten ingestion. Always read the label and follow the directions for use. For use in conjunction with a gluten free diet.

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