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January 25, 2017

Gluten Free Alcohol Guide

What Alcohol is Gluten Free?

Finding gluten free alcoholic beverages has become increasingly difficult. From the ongoing debated about distilled alcohol being gluten free or not, to the accidental mix-ups by a bartender, it’s a challenge to find a gluten free alcoholic beverage that works for you and your diet.

In this gluten free alcohol listing, you’ll find all the beers, hard ciders, vodkas, rums, tequilas and other hard liquors that are gluten free.

Warning: Remember to always double check the drink labels when out and about, and use GluteGuard to back up your gluten free choices!


Gluten free beers are becoming more available and more delicious by the day, with plenty of craft breweries popping up!

Try brands such as:

Alley Cat Scona Gold Kolsch, Against the Grain, Bards Beer, Billabong Brewing, Brewdog Vagabond Pale Ale, Brunehaut Blanche, Drummond Gluten Free, Estrella Damm Daura, Ghostfish Brewing, Glutenberg, Green’s Gluten Free Beer, Ground Breaker Ale, Hambleton Ales, Harvester, Lammsbräu by Neumarkter, Messagère, Mongozo’s Exotic Flavored Pilsners, New Planet Beer, Nickel Brook Gluten Free, Ramapo Valley Bewery Honey Beer, RedBridge Beer, Schnitzer Bräu, St. Peter’s, Steadfast Pale Ale, Tumma Kukko, Whistler Forager, World Top.


If you absolutely HATE beer, then you should definitely try a delicious hard cider. Plus, there are a lot of free brands that are gluten free! Just remember that not all hard ciders are gluten free because some brands do barley for enzymes and flavour, so be sure to read the labels carefully!

Try brands such as:

Ace Pear Cider, Angry Orchard, Blue Mountain Cider Company, Blackthorn Cider, Bulmer’s Hard Cider, Crispin Cider, Gaymer Cider Company, Harpoon Craft Cider, J.K. Scrumpy’s Organic Hard Cider, Lazy Jack’s Cider, Magner’s Cider, Newton’s Folly Hard Cider, Original Sin Hard Cider, Smith and Forge Hard Cider, Spire Mountain Draft Cider, Strongbow Cider, Stella Artois Apple and Pear Hard Cider, Woodchuck, Woodpecker Cider.


Vodka can be a very tricky alcohol for gluten free drinkers. Although gluten proteins from wheat based vodkas are technically removed during the distillation process, many people still report feeling the classic symptoms of gluten sensitivity after drinking them. Its best to steer clear of all wheat-based vodkas, but you can still opt for non-wheat, potato, corn or grape-based vodkas!

Try brands such as:

Blue Ice Vodka, Bombora Vodka, Boyd and Blair, Cayman Blue Vodka, Chopin Polish Vodka, Ciroc, Cold River Vodka, Devotion Vodka, DiVIne, Famous Vodka, Fleischmann’s Vodka, Kamachatka, Krome Vodka, Luksusowa, Monopolowa, New Amsterdam, Ocean Vodka, Pau Maui Hawaiian Vodka, Smirnoff Vodka, Teton Glacier Vodka, Three Olives, Tito’s Vodka, UV, Vikingfjord.


When tequila is made the traditional way with a blue agave plant is naturally gluten free. However, there are cheap brands that contain gluten, which are called ‘mixto’. To make sure that your tequila is gluten free, check that the bottle says ‘100% agave’.

Try brands such as:

1519 Tequila, 1800 Tequila, Cabo Wabo, Cazadores, Don Julio Tequila, El Jimador, Herradura Tequila, Hornitos, Jose Cuervo, Patron Tequila, Suaza Tequila.


Try brands such as:

Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum, Bayou Rum, Bundaberg Rum, Captain Morgan Rum, Cruzan Rum, Mount Gay Rum.


Try brands such as:

Americanaki Ouzo, Brandy, Campari, Cointreau, Cold River Gin, Harvey’s Bristol Cream, Hendrick’s Gin, Hennessy Cognac, Jaegermeister, Malibu Rum, Midori, Myer’s Rum, Prosecco, Skinny Girl Margaritas, Wild Turkey Bourbon.

For the full list, check out

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