For the gluten you don't know about

GluteGuard is for the mislabelled, accidentally-contaminated, or food prepared in kitchens that simply can’t be kept 100% gluten-free.

Gluten’s effects can be triggered by even the tiniest amount.

A natural solution

Caricain, the naturally-derived active ingredient in GluteGuard, comes from the papaya fruit.

Caricain breaks down harmful gluten peptides before they can cause symptoms.

Medically demonstrated

Clinical trials** - independently published in peer-reviewed journals – found that GluteGuard significantly reduced the occurrence of symptoms in patients medically-diagnosed with gluten sensitivity who were subjected to daily gluten challenge.

*GluteGuard helps reduce the occurrence of symptoms of medically-diagnosed gluten sensitivity caused by inadvertent gluten ingestion.

So, how does GluteGuard work?

The human digestive system is incapable of breaking down gluten – small fractions known as peptides are left undigested.

Most people are not affected by these peptides. But for people with medically diagnosed gluten disorders, these peptides can trigger a wide variety of symptoms and, in some cases, an auto-immune reaction that can lead to long-term intestinal damage.

GluteGuard’s active ingredient, caricain, is an enzyme naturally derived from the papaya fruit. Caricain uniquely breaks down gluten peptides into smaller, harmless pieces.

When taken before a meal, GluteGuard’s caricain is released in the small intestine and breaks down accidentally consumed gluten before it interacts with your intestinal lining, helping to protect against the symptoms of accidental gluten ingestion.

Taken before a meal, the GluteGuard tablet dissolves, releasing Caricain into the duodenum.

The enteric coating ensures the GluteGuard tablet to dissolves in the small intestine.

Caricain attacks the harmful gluten peptides accidentally ingested as part of a meal.

Caricain is active against gluten peptides, breaking them down into smaller, readily digestible pieces.

The broken-down peptide remnants pass through the intestine harmlessly.

You are protected against pain, discomfort and other unpleasant symptoms.

**Cornell JH et al. 2016 IJCD Vol. 4, No: 2 p:40-47
Zebrowska A et al. 2014 – IJCD Vol 2, No 2 p:58-63.
These clinical studies were funded by Glutagen Pty Ltd.