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Enjoy yourself without gluten crashing the party

Gluten is hard to avoid.  Sometimes the first sign you’ve consumed some (even a little) will be the discomfort – or worse – that follows.  For times like this, when your body’s own enzymes can’t break down gluten, GluteGuard contains an enzyme that can do the job for you.

GluteGuard’s patented enzyme, caricain, helps protect against symptoms caused by accidental gluten ingestion (e.g. where cross-contamination may occur, if ingredient labelling is uncertain or when food preparation is out of your control – such as when dining out or travelling).

Key Features & Benefits

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      GluteGuard is recommended for anyone with any medically diagnosed gluten sensitivity who follows a gluten free diet.
      If you follow a gluten free diet you should continue to maintain that diet.

      This medicine may not be right for you. Read the warnings below before purchase. Follow directions for use. If symptoms persist, worsen or change talk to your health professional. 

      GluteGuard’s active ingredient is a natural extract from the papaya fruit (containing the patented enzyme Caricain, which breaks down gluten) that helps reduce the symptoms of inadvertent gluten ingestion for those with medically diagnosed gluten sensitivity.
      GluteGuard’s protection helps maintain and enhance your gluten-free diet, supporting general health and wellbeing.

      Active Ingredient
      Each GluteGuard tablet contains 300 mg of Carica papaya fruit oleoresin dry. The dried oleoresin of the Carica papaya fruit contains the patented enzyme, Caricain.

      Allergen information
      GluteGuard is tested free from gluten, lactose (beta-lactoglobuline), dairy, nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, macadamias, pistachios, cashews, peanuts),  sesame seeds, soy, egg and crustaceans.

      This product should not be used by patients with an allergy to papaya (paw paw) or natural rubber latex.

      GluteGuard is vegan and certified Halal.

      GluteGuard is batch tested free-from WADA prohibited substances. Batch details and certificates are available on request.

      Pack Information

      GluteGuard 10 Tablet Blister Pack contains 10 enteric coated GluteGuard tablets within blister packaging.
      GluteGuard 30 Tablet Blister Pack contains 30 enteric coated GluteGuard tablets within blister packaging.

      Directions for use
      Take 1 whole tablet orally immediately before each meal or as recommended by your healthcare professional. For use only in conjunction with a gluten-free diet.
      Maximum daily dose should not exceed 4 tablets unless otherwise recommended by a healthcare professional. For adult use only.


      • Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding.
      • Do not use if allergic to papaya (paw paw) or natural rubber latex.
      • If taking blood-thinning medication, consult your healthcare professional before using GluteGuard.
      • GluteGuard contains sulfites.

      If symptoms persist, worsen or episodes become more frequent talk to your medical professional.

      White, caplet shaped, smooth enteric-coated tablet with rounded edges.
      Approximate tablet dimensions: 19 x 8 x 7 mm.

      Store below 25°C.

      Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

      If you are unsatisfied with your GluteGuard product, we offer to refund to you in full the purchase price paid by you to us (as determined by the purchase receipt, including any shipping costs)
      The Offer is limited to individuals in Australia who have purchased GluteGuard either directly from us at or through Amazon Australia at and is only capable of acceptance by an eligible customer within 60 days from the date you purchased GluteGuard from us.
      Terms and conditions apply (
      To request a refund in accordance with this offer, you must be an eligible customer and contact us by submitting a form at

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      Express AusPost eParcel estimated delivery times to Australian addresses 1 to 3 business days from despatch.

      AusPost eParcel and Express AusPost eParcel delivery includes tracking, an automated email with your tracking code will be sent to your nominated email address. Please ensure full and correct email and delivery details are provided with your order.

      International Shipping

      Glutagen delivers worldwide. Estimated delivery times through DHL International vary according to your location.
      Please ensure full and correct delivery details are provided with your order. Delivery times may vary according to your location. We recommend you contact your local customs office for further information.
      When an order is returned to us due an incorrect address or the delivery not claimed, a standard fee will be charged to cover return expenses undertaken by Glutagen. This fee will differ according to the country of destination.

      COVID-19 Delays
      Please be aware that your order may be subject to delivery delays as a result of COVID-19 disruptions. The estimated time of delivery given at the time of purchase is an estimate only and may be subject to delays.

      **Cornell JH et al. 2016 IJCD Vol. 4, No: 2 p:40-47
      Zebrowska A et al. 2014 – IJCD Vol 2, No 2 p:58-63.
      These clinical studies were funded by Glutagen Pty Ltd.

      Does GluteGuard work? We're changing lives for the better, but don't take our word for it...

      Based on 275 reviews
      Peter (Queensland, Australia)
      100% works, it's worth trying!!

      Had some odd symptoms and GP thought gluten may have been the issue even though I have actively been choosing gluten free bread and pasta for a year. Can state that this product does 100% deal with hidden gluten.....certainly didn't expect gluten in baked beans and no need to avoid something just because it says it may contain gluten, so chocolate from Aldi back on the shopping list. Genuinely assists in quality of life and relaxing in dining out

      Rocco Di Vincenzo (Victoria, Australia)
      Gluteguard Review

      A really wonderful product for people affected by gluten

      Mohamed Hammoudeh (Riyadh Region, Saudi Arabia)
      Improving quality of life

      Makes me enjoy the moment.

      Randy Loo (Selangor, Malaysia)


      Shelley Murphy (Auckland, New Zealand)
      First rimer

      I hadn't used this product before but read about it in N Z Coeliac magazine.
      Have since used it twice when I was unsure about cross contamination - seemed to work as I had no symptoms.

      Catherine Woods (Canterbury, New Zealand)


      Rik (Queensland, Australia)
      Life Changing

      I know that this is not intended to be a miracle cure or anything, but after reading up on the trial data and history, I decided to try it. I was medically diagnosed with gluten sensitivity
      a few years ago and have missed eating a lot of things. For my first trial, I took a tablet, then ate a meal which was not completely guaranteed to be gluten free. I had none of the side affects I have experienced before from accidentally ingesting even trace amounts of gluten! GluteGuard has certainly proved itself to me, and I will be taking it every time I go out to a restaurant or cafe and am 'assured' the food is 'gluten free'... even just as an insurance measure :)

      GluteGuard - Active Social Life Plan
      Melinda Hughes (Western Australia, Australia)
      No more stomach aches when caught unawares

      Even though you make the right choices, too often something inappropriate slips past and you find out when the stomach gripes tell you. Glute guard has been a marvellous aid in preventing that. Worth our subscription.

      Stephen Saxe (Massachusetts, United States)
      Gluteguard is great

      Very big step in eating gluten again

      Hi Stephen,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience with GluteGuard!

      It's fantastic to hear from our community, especially about the reassurance GluteGuard offers. I just want to gently remind you that while GluteGuard is developed to provide additional support, maintaining a gluten free diet when using GluteGuard is always our recommendation. It’s all about giving you that extra peace of mind during unexpected moments of gluten exposure!

      We truly value your feedback and appreciate you sharing it with us.

      Warm regards,

      Ed K (New South Wales, Australia)
      Works well

      I was sceptical but decided to try buying some for a recent trip overseas. I was able to travel safe in the knowledge that I had Gluteguard as insurance against being glutened. At one point I was unsure what was being served to me so I took a tablet and ate, tentatively. I discovered afterwards that there was indeed gluten-containing ingredients in the meal, but I didn't have the nasty side-effects I normally would after ingesting it. Great safety net for such occasions, I highly recommend it!

      T.S. (Victoria, Australia)
      Don't use this product

      Twice I tried this product and twice it made me violently ill. I am not allergic to any of the ingredients that it warns about. Where is the full ingredient list for this product? Not enough information is supplied with the product.

      Hi Tracey,

      We're sorry to hear about your experience with GluteGuard. Our customers' wellbeing is our top priority, and we take reports like yours very seriously.

      GluteGuard's active ingredient is Caricain, a natural enzyme from the papaya fruit, designed to break down gluten in food. There are also several inactive ingredients to ensure the tablet works effectively.

      We also advise that GluteGuard is not recommended for individuals with allergies to papaya, sulphites, or natural rubber latex, or those taking blood-thinning medications. However, we understand that reactions can vary, so we’d like to learn more about your situation.

      I’ll reach out to you directly to discuss your experience further and provide detailed information about GluteGuard’s ingredients.

      Kind regards,

      Gina (Maine, United States)

      I’m gluten sensitive, I’ve tried another product that was highly rated but it didn’t work well for me at all. Gluten Guard does the trick! It really works, no bloating, pain or bathroom issues. I have recommended it to others. It works for real!

      Maryann Smith (Alberta, Canada)
      My new favorite thing!

      This product worked really well for me!
      I went on holidays with it, in other countries I can struggle with cross contamination. I took Glutegaurd before every meal I couldn't be certain wasn't contaminated. And I had minimal gluten related GI issues. I am so happy to have found this product. Anyone with a sensitivity should try it.

      David McBride (New South Wales, Australia)
      So far so good.

      A recent biopsy showed that I was not celiac but was still highly intolerant of gluten. I tried some GluteGuard over the festive season and I did not seem to have any of the usual discomfort; mouth ulcers within 20 minutes, then bloating and diarrhoea etc. I even treated myself to a delicious homemade glutenous bread roll, hoping the caricain would break down the nasties before it got to my stomach lining. These tablets appear to work. I intend to introduce the odd wheaten cracker and maybe a sourdough roll in the near future. So far so good.

      Helen Bellamy (Waikato, New Zealand)
      From NZ

      GluteGuard has definitely reduced symptoms and its reassuring to always have it on hand at a moments notice.
      Congratulations for the CHP Award ,Outstanding and Innovative. Well done, Cass and Team!

      Angela Walker (Victoria, Australia)
      Great to have on hand

      It's great to know about glute guard and to have it readily available to include if eating out or at a friend's house dining out and concerned about gluten kntsjwy

      Customer (Valencia, Spain)
      Perhaps it does shrink symptomatic period

      When glutened by accident, the symptomatic period that normally follows (2-3 weeks) seems to shrink by half if I have taken GluteGuard. Some of the symptoms appear less strong.

      Hi there,

      Thank you for sharing your experience! We're glad GluteGuard has helped ease your symptoms during those unintended gluten encounters.

      Remember, prevention is always the best strategy! Taking GluteGuard before meals is recommended, as it helps you reap its full benefits, allowing you to enjoy your food with peace of mind. :)

      All the best,

      Alynn Pratt (New South Wales, Australia)
      Maybe …

      There is some indication that GluteGuard is useful for me.

      Marianne Pena (Michigan, United States)

      This stuff works great. I even had some cheese curds the other night with no bad effects. I'm not going to use it just to be able to eat gluten, but when I go out to eat incase of cross contamination I take it. And it is nice to have a treat once in a while.
      Thank you

      Taleen Pandukht (Nevada, United States)
      It really works!

      I don’t have celiac disease, but I get terrible bloating and stomach aches when I eat gluten that last until the next day. This is the first pill that has actually helped me with small hidden amounts of gluten. I just went on a trip to Europe, and I couldn’t believe how well it worked. A true miracle, thank you so much!

      Jennifer O (Pennsylvania, United States)
      Peace of Mind

      I can go out to eat again without the stress and anxiety of cc

      Ali Villani

      I have been living on a Gluten Free diet for over 15 years. One of my biggest challenges is when I travel overseas and go to eating establishments that do not have a handle on Gluten Free food and cross contamination.
      I decided to give the tablets a go after kindly being given some to try. On my latest trip to Nepal in May 23 I took them and it was game changing. I normally have quite a lot of trouble adjusting to the food on arrival however I took a tablet each time before I ate out and it made a massive difference and I had did not have any digestive issues for the first time ever on a trip.
      I highly recommend these to anyone who has the same trouble as me.

      Jackie Tattersall (Attica, Greece)

      Amazing find!

      Michelle Simmonds (New South Wales, Australia)
      Gluteguard really worked for me

      Gluteguard saved me recently when a cafe accidentally served me non GF bread. I’d eaten one bite of the bread before they told me. Thankfully I had the tablets in my handbag. I had no symptoms at all and I would normally react very badly. I now feel such a relief eating out knowing I have these with me.

      Mirza Vlajčić (Federation of B&H, Bosnia and Herzegovina)



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      Be the first to know about GluteGuard promos, exclusive recipes and news.