What is GluteGuard?

GluteGuard is an innovative enzyme supplement that helps protect against symptoms caused by accidental gluten ingestion, for anyone with any medically diagnosed gluten sensitivity.

GluteGuard uses the natural power of the caricain enzyme from the unripe skin of the papaya fruit (Carica Papaya). When taken before a gluten-free meal, GluteGuard enzymes are uniquely able to break down the harmful parts of gluten before they cause symptoms.

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How does GluteGuard work?

Take one (1) GluteGuard tablet immediately prior to eating a gluten-free meal, where you are concerned about the risk of hidden traces of gluten being present.

Taking the tablet before eating ensures that the enzymes are released just before your food reaches the small intestine, allowing the enzymes to begin breaking down the small amounts of gluten before they interact with the intestinal lining. In this way, GluteGuard helps to reduce the occurrence of symptoms caused by inadvertent gluten ingestion in many who follow a gluten-free diet for medical reasons.

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Who can benefit from GluteGuard?

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GluteGuard is recommended for anyone that suffers symptoms from eating gluten and follows a gluten-free diet on medical advice. When you are concerned your meal may have been contaminated with traces of gluten, GluteGuard protects against the symptoms of accidental gluten ingestion. GluteGuard is particularly useful when eating or dining out; sharing your home kitchen; picnics and barbecues; travelling or other instances when you cannot be certain about the preparation of your food.

GluteGuard should not be used if you allergic to natural rubber latex or papaya (paw paw). GluteGuard should not be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Where is GluteGuard manufactured?

GluteGuard is manufactured in Australia from local and imported ingredients.

Can GluteGuard replace my gluten-free diet?

We don’t recommend that anyone medically advised to follow a gluten free diet intentionally eats gluten-containing foods. Despite being careful, accidental gluten-contamination is still a very common concern for many. GluteGuard helps protects against the symptoms of accidental gluten ingestion. For peace of mind, use GluteGuard to enhance your gluten-free diet.

How many GluteGuard tablets can I take in a day?

The recommended maximum daily dose is four (4) tablets in a single day. Only one tablet (whole) is required per meal. For prolonged meals, we recommend taking another GluteGuard tablet after an hour.

Does GluteGuard build up in the body?

No, GluteGuard will not leave a build-up of residue in your body. Every component of each GluteGuard tablet is digested by the body’s normal processes.

What types of foods does GluteGuard help to digest?

GluteGuard is formulated to reduce the unpleasant symptoms of accidental gluten ingestion, regardless of the source of the gluten. Gluten occurs naturally in wheat, barley, rye and other cereal grains. Gluten can also be found in products that contain ingredients based on these grains, and in products manufactured in an environment where gluten may be present. Hidden gluten may be found in many products including sauces, marinades, gravies, processed meats, vegetarian meat alternatives and spices.

Can GluteGuard tablets be crushed or split before taking?

Unfortunately, no. Doing so would significantly reduce GluteGuard’s effectiveness.

The tablets are coated in a special enteric coating, which ensures that GluteGuard’s active ingredient pass through the acidic environment of the stomach, quickly dissolving once the tablet reaches the small intestine. This ensures that the enzymes are released where they are needed to help protect against symptoms caused by consuming gluten accidentally.

Can I take GluteGuard while pregnant or breastfeeding?

GluteGuard is not recommended to be taken while pregnant or breastfeeding. While the ingredients are natural and considered safe, GluteGuard has not been clinically tested in a pregnant or breastfeeding cohort.

Can children take GluteGuard?

GluteGuard is recommended for adults only. While the active ingredient in GluteGuard is natural and considered safe for consumption, GluteGuard has only been studied in an adult population.

Additionally, because the tablets are unable to be split or crushed, they may be difficult for young children to take whole.

Where can I get more information on the clinical trials involved?

Simply contact us on info@glutagen.com if you would like to find out more about the clinical trials behind GluteGuard

How is GluteGuard shipped?

Within Australia – shipped via Australia Post eParcel
You will receive a unique tracking code direct from Australia Post via email so you can follow the shipping process right up to delivery (signature required on delivery). Your GluteGuard order will generally be shipped within one business day of receiving your order.

All orders are dispatched on the same day or the next business day after they are received.

Estimated delivery times:
Standard eParcel ($3.95) 4 to 6 business days from the day following the day the orders are dispatched.
Express Shipping ($6.95) 1 to 3 business days from the day following the day the orders are dispatched.
*Please note that delivery times may vary depending on the designated ship-to address. See full Terms & Conditions on the Glutagen website for further details.

Outside Australia – shipped via DHL eCommerce
All international orders come with a unique tracking link sent to your email, so that you can follow the progress of your order. Your GluteGuard order will generally be shipped within one business day of receiving your order.
Estimated delivery times:
Varies depending on destination – please use the Calculate Shipping function on the Buy Now tab for your delivery estimate.

Important information regarding customs charges for international orders:
GluteGuard is a complementary medicine listed in Australia and manufactured in accordance with the Guide to Good Manufacturing Practice for Medicinal Products. However, you may have regulations specific to your country or additional import duties and taxes that are levied once a shipment reaches your country. You must comply with any specific regulations and meet any additional charges for customs clearance. These regulations and customs policies vary widely from country to country.
*Delivery times may vary according to your location and your country’s import regulations. We recommend you contact your local customs office for further information. Please see full Terms & Conditions on the Glutagen website for more information on delivery terms.

Where can I purchase GluteGuard?

The easiest way to purchase GluteGuard is directly through our website. We ship direct from our South Melbourne location.

However, GluteGuard is available through selected pharmacies in Australia. For more information contact us at info@glutagen.com.

Can GluteGuard be purchased at pharmacies?

GluteGuard is currently available in select pharmacies in Australia however, the easiest way to purchase GluteGuard is directly through our website: www.glutagen.com/ product/gluteguard.   

Given the strong demand we will be making GluteGuard more widely available through more pharmacies soon. Please subscribe to our newsletter for updates as they happen.

To find out whether there is a stockist near you within Australia, please email us at info@glutagen.com