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“Living gluten free means I need a little extra protection because when I’m eating out, I can’t be sure what’s on the menu.”

Ariarne Titmus

Olympic Gold Medalist and GluteGuard ambassador

​Olympic Medalist Ariarne Titmus joins us as GluteGuard ambassador

We are excited to announce world record holder and champion swimmer, Ariarne Titmus, has come on board as our first ambassador to help raise awareness of the common, but not well-known, problems faced by those on a gluten free diet: inadvertent and accidental gluten ingestion.

As one of the many Australians that suffer from gluten sensitivity, Ariarne is passionate about the benefits of GluteGuard having followed a strict gluten free diet since a medical diagnosis in 2017.

Ariarne came on our radar when she purchased GluteGuard herself prior to travelling to the Birmingham Commonwealth Games. This is a perfect example of the situation GluteGuard was designed to help with, the risk of accidental gluten ingestion when you cannot fully be in control of your meals. Like Ariarne, this issue is commonly faced by the many Aussies who avoid gluten in their diets for medical reasons.

Ariarne with Ezequiel Peña, Glutagen General Manager and Lizza Gebilagin, Editor-in-Chief of Women’s Health Australia.

For those with a medically diagnosed gluten sensitivity there is no cure, and the only treatment is a strict, life-long, gluten free diet. However, avoiding gluten 100% of the time is almost impossible. The risk of inadvertent and accidental gluten ingestion remains a real and constant concern, especially in situations when food is being prepared by others. In fact, approximately 90 per cent of those with medically diagnosed gluten sensitivities report accidental gluten consumption at least once a month, despite reporting to maintain a strict gluten-free diet. Eating away from home brings another level of complexity, and many report suffering anxiety and fear of eating out.

Accidental gluten ingestion is an issue that Ariarne understands well. As the current Olympic 200 and 400 metre freestyle champion and 400 metre (long course) world record holder, she understands the importance of maintaining her wellbeing and reducing any effect accidental gluten to keep up with the demands of training, travel and social life.

Talking of our partnership, Ariarne says, “I’m so proud to partner with GluteGuard because I am one of the many Aussies that really do need to guard against gluten. I spend a lot of time training, travelling and competing, so maintaining the right diet and ensuring I don’t suffer negative effects from gluten means I can keep performing at my best. Living gluten free can be challenging but GluteGuard is designed to reduce the worry, benefitting millions of people. This Australian-made product makes a genuine difference!”

We, at Glutagen as the developers of GluteGuard, are dedicated to creating evidence-based solutions to help support and enhance the quality of life of anyone who follows a gluten free diet. It’s an exciting time for the team behind GluteGuard and with Ariarne on board to help us spread the word, we aim to continue to raise awareness of the impact of inadvertent gluten ingestion to improve the way those with medically diagnosed gluten sensitivities manage the challenges of a gluten free diet.

Ariarne Titmus in paid partnership with GluteGuard.

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