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November 24, 2023

Gluten Free Bites with Rosie, Founder of Coeliapp

Welcome to Gluten Free Bites — a series offering bite-sized glimpses into the lives of members in the gluten free community. You’re reading the first slice of many tasty editions we have lined up. Don’t miss out on the next; subscribe below to have these stories delivered straight to your inbox.

Everyone has their unique flavour, and we’re all ears to hear about Rosie’s. Take a bite of Rosie’s world as she dishes out her favourite picks and shares savvy tips and insights from her gluten free journey.

Rosie is the Founder of Coeliapp, an app specially crafted for the gluten free community. Born out of her personal experience with medically diagnosed gluten sensitivity four years ago, Rosie took the bold step to depart from corporate life and embrace a mission that resonates with her daily life. The essence of Coeliapp lies in its supportive community, providing invaluable resources and insights to gluten free individuals across Australia and New Zealand, with plans to foster a global gluten free community. Lucky for us, Rosie’s here to share her gluten free bites with us.

Without further ado…

Rosie, Founder of Coeliapp (instagram)

🥙 Favourite Gluten Free Dish

Honestly, I am struggling to think of one dish! Generally speaking, I love anything Mediterranean, so I’d probably go for a sharing type dinner with salads, grilled fish, dips like tzatziki and hummus, a little bit of halloumi and olives…you get the picture!

🍽️ Top Gluten Free Restaurant

Indigo Oscar in Cottesloe, Western Australia, is fantastic! Their food is delicious, fresh, and seasonal, kind of South American/Australian fusion. It’s a great place for a date night or a long lunch with friends. With views of the ocean, it’s a fantastic spot to watch the sunset.

😋 Best Gluten Free Store-Bought Snack

Back in the day I probably overindulged in treats! If I’m out and about and feeling wild these days, I’ll look out for some gluten free brownies or dark chocolate. I’m probably more of a savoury person though so I’d otherwise go for mixed nuts or sushi if they’re available gluten free.

🔥 Gluten Free Cooking Tip

I find gluten free pasta can be quite temperamental. It’s either super chewy or disintegrates in the pot. I tend to take it off the boil when it’s still quite al dente, then heat it in the sauce for a couple of minutes to soften it so it’s just right. Each brand varies though so it’s a little bit of trial and error.

📃 Gluten Free Bucket List

I’m super excited to have launched Coeliapp a few weeks ago for all of us who live gluten free. My dream at the moment is to have Coeliapp available for the gluten free community globally, to provide support and connect everyone!

✈️ Gluten Free Travel Tip

I always pack gluten free muesli / energy bars as there’s nothing worse than being hungry when you’re travelling and not knowing when the next meal will be. They’re also easy to carry.

I also take toaster bags when I’m staying with friends or family, or if I’m travelling and have the use of a kitchen. It gives me a bit of peace of mind that I’m reducing the risk of cross contamination with my morning toast.

🍳 Must-Have Gluten Free Kitchen Appliance

I’m sure everyone can be a bit basic at times and my beloved toaster is evidence of that. I bought it after I was diagnosed and it remains our household’s dedicated gluten free toaster. I opted for one in my favourite colour (orange) to make it feel special!

🫠 Most Challenging Gluten Free Moment

I think the toughest thing is when you’re overseas and don’t have the language skills to explain your dietary requirements. I’m not the kind of person that likes to make a fuss either so that makes it even harder. I often draft something up on Google Translate on my phone so I can show the restaurant when I order food. Then I just have to hope for the best!

🤑 Gluten Free on a Budget

I find buying in bulk and directly from the manufacturers (where possible) is a good way to make some savings. By cutting out the middle man (ahem, the big supermarket chains), you can eliminate their margins and it can all add up.

🗣️ Gluten Free Socialising

Let’s face it, nobody wants to be the person at the party who brings their own dinner in a Tupperware container! Nor do they want to be the overbearing guest who demands the host caters for their needs! But, sadly, it’s often the case when you live a strict gluten free life. It’s not always easy or nice, but if I have a social gathering and someone else is responsible for the food, I always reach out to them in advance and politely ask them what they have planned and highlight my dietary needs. It’s always better to be open and honest in advance than arrive to a party and find out there’s nothing there for you to eat.

More often than not, I find the host tries to accommodate. If they seem unsure about things, offer to assist in preparing food or having some input in what will be served, or even suggest to bring some dishes along with you! My friends and family are all well accustomed to my dietary requirements now but initially it took a little getting used to. Be patient with those around you and bring them along on your journey – it’ll make it easier for you as well as them!

🎯 Gluten Free Goals

It’s a challenge in and of itself living 100% gluten free! I think it’s important to stop and acknowledge that, and so I think my biggest goal is to keep maintaining all the hard work I’ve been putting in for the last 4+ years and continue to improve my overall health.

Thank you for sharing, Rosie! If you’re curious about Coeliapp, we encourage you to check it out on the App Store or Google Play Store. Also, keep an eye out — we’ve got a chat about the app with Rosie coming up soon.

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