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September 24, 2019

Tips for staying Gluten-Free on a Business Trip

If you frequently travel for work, you will often find yourself eating in situations where food preparation is out of your control. This includes airline food, catered foods during events and possibly dining at new restaurants over business lunches. For people on the spectrum of gluten sensitivity, this can make the trip really stressful.

When you’re busy travelling and working, your schedule is often packed and you certainly don’t want to be bailed up in the hotel room with nasty symptoms from accidental gluten exposure. However, gluten contamination of food is a real fear for many people who live with a gluten-sensitivity, highlighted by a 2016 study where 91% of participants reported having experienced accidental gluten exposure on at least a monthly basis.

We’ve compiled a few strategies that might help ease your gluten-anxiety and keep you productive on your next business trip:

Research gluten-free options
– If you have business lunches scheduled, consider checking out the menus online or calling venues ahead of time to make sure they have suitable GF options and a good understanding of your dietary need
– If you’re travelling to a new country it may be important to learn how to communicate that you’re gluten-free. Find out how gluten-free-friendly the country is and what your options are. You might be pleasantly surprised that some local dishes are traditionally gluten-free. Eating fresh rather than processed food will help ensure you don’t inadvertently consume gluten.

Make meal arrangements ahead of time
– If your workplace is booking flights that include meals, ensure your dietary requirement is allocated and confirmed with the airline to avoid a mid-air mishap
– Make your organisation aware of your dietary requirements when booking any events that involve food, and offer helpful suggestions. Take the time to communicate how important avoiding gluten is for your health and clarify any misconceptions
– If you’ve researched but found no reliable gluten-free options, try asking your hotel if they could organize a packed gluten-free lunch
– If you have the luxury during a long stay, request a room with a kitchenette if possible so you can cook your own gluten-free safe meal

Always have back up
– Keep some trustworthy GF snacks in your bag or briefcase for times where options may be limited and you don’t have time to travel far for gluten-free options
– Always keep GluteGuard in your work bag – GluteGuard’s patented enzyme action, caricain, helps to minimise the chances of experiencing symptoms caused by accidental gluten consumption in medically diagnosed gluten sensitivities.

It can be challenging, but it is a lot less challenging than having to deal with symptoms and catching up on all the work while you recover, not to mention missed business opportunities.

If your next trip is for pleasure rather than business, read up on Surviving Holidays while Gluten-free by Olivia Jackson of Yum. Gluten Free.

Have any tips on how you avoid accidental gluten when travelling for work? Please let us know by leaving a comment below!

Author: Cass, Glutagen.

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