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March 28, 2017

Gluten Free Travel Guide


Gluten-free travel: The benefits of GluteGuard


We know that gluten-free travelling can be challenging at times. Being away from home in a place where you can’t necessarily trust the preparation of your food, thrown in with the added stress of potential language barriers, can cause unneeded pressure while you’re away. Holidays are a time for relaxation, unwinding and exploring – not a time for anxiety about inadvertent gluten ingestion. As proven by the tips below, gluten-free travel doesn’t have to be as hard as it sounds!

Do your research! Find out the main ingredients for the traditional foods of your destination country and whether or not they are safe.  Organise a translation of these ingredients into your first language, as well as any alternative ingredients that you could come across in foreign menus. 

Have back up options! Research local gluten-free brands that are available in supermarkets, and always have a few extra snacks in your bag just in case there are no other options.

Bringing pre-packed snacks is an easy way to increase your dietary flexibility while you’re on the go. Staying hydrated also assists with digestion- if you’re in a country with less-than-trustworthy water supplies, make sure to buy bottled water or utilise water purification tablets.

Make sure to ask the right questions! Asking about whether or not the food contains different sources of gluten is a good way to make sure that you cover all bases.

Read our Eight Tips for Living Gluten-Free with Confidence.

Sites such as and are great resources for allergy translation. There are also plenty of apps that make finding the right gluten-free restaurant much easier. Check out AllergyEats Mobile, Dine Gluten Free or Find Me Gluten Free.

Try GluteGuard! Intended to be taken before potentially gluten-containing meals, GluteGuard is designed to be a helpful side-kick in the challenge of maintaining a gluten-free diet. Check out the following testimonials from our customers who have used GluteGuard to make sure their holiday stays relaxing and 100% gluten-free.

‘I call these little miracles “my freedom pills and travel marvels”! Many thanks’- Sue 2016.

‘I’ve been using it for a couple of months, and when travelling or at a new restaurant it has certainly made a difference. Thank you, and I’ve passed it along to others I know who suffer a gluten sensitivity’- Alex 2017. 

‘I take a GluteGuard before I go, and I can feel confident that even if I inadvertently consume gluten, I will not be sick afterwards.  I have even booked an overseas holiday, knowing that I can take GluteGuard with me and feel protected. Many thanks for developing this life-changing product!’- Kerry 2016.

‘I am very pleased with the GluteGuard product. I took them with me on holiday to Singapore as that country. Knows little about Gluten intolerance. They worked perfectly, and I had no food troubles on that trip’- Rick 2016.

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